C-Span joins must-carry battle; CBS boss insists on retransmission fees

> Venerable public service cable channel C-Span has joined Cablevision Systems in asking the Supreme Court to overturn federal must-carry rules. Previously, C-Span argued that A/B switches that let cable or satellite subs switch to over-the-air signals was a better route to follow. Story

> Beijing-based Gehua Cable TV Network has chosen BigBand's broadband edge QAM platform for a new interactive HDTV and broadband Internet service. Story

> CBS boss Les Moonves has added yet another wrinkle into the cable retransmission situation by saying that the Big Eye network will "insist" on getting a share of any retransmission consent fees its affiliates negotiate with MSOs. Story

> Motorola is developing a video-centric edge services router to replace its current CMTS (cable modem termination system). The new product is expected to be the centerpiece of expanded IPTV transmissions. Story