Cable One says usage caps are essential for network performance

Cable One installer
Image: Cable One

Cable One has responded to a customer complaint about its broadband usage caps with a three-page letter explaining why the data limits are crucial to the performance of its network and keeping customers. 

"Managing Cable One’s network for optimal performance is crucial for providing a reliable service," the company said in a letter posted on Reddit and discovered by DSL Reports. "Establishing reasonable data plans is an important part of that process."

Cable companies are required to respond to customers who render gripes at the FCC’s online “Consumer Help Center.”

CableOne’s usage caps range from 300 gigabytes for a 100 Mbps service to 500 gigs for its $200-a-month gigabit-speed package. 

As the company explained in its letter, it not longer charges customers for overages. But subscribers get a letter (a polite one!) if they go over for one month and are automatically bumped to the next higher tier if they exceed their usage limit for three consecutive months. 

“If Cable One fails to properly balance cost and capability, people will stop buying its services and go to a competitor who does a better job of meeting the needs of the buying public,” Cable One added. “Because the concern of the major of customers is speed, we answered that concern by doubling the speeds of our plans. As we review comments from customers and their concerns, we may adjust other parts of our plans including data allowances. But it is solely within the power of the company to decide how much and when.”

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