CableLabs pushes bandwidth management; ESPN grabs PVI Technology

@FierceCable RT -  If you need any other indicator that cable is seriously looking at interactive advertising and other bandwidth-consumptive applications, look no farther than CableLabs. The industry's R&D consortium has been "quietly (is there any other way in cable?) plugging away on a new bandwidth management project" according to LightReading's ever-reliable Jeff Baumgartner. Story | Follow @FierceCable

> ESPN has acquired pretty much all of PVI Technology--the company that developed the yellow first down line you see on football broadcasts--from Cablevision Systems (NYSE: CVC). Story.

> Speaking of Cablevision, the Long Island-based MSO is in a nasty little war with Bronx non-profit public access network Bronxnet over a new community benefits agreement. The Bronx folks complain that Cablevision is "lowballing (them) despite multibillion dollar borough revenues," the New York Daily News reports.

> And in still more Cablevision news,  Light Reading suggests that the MSO is so enamored with its soft security system for set-tops that it might spin off the work into an independent entity. Story.

> Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) isn't giving our Canadian neighbors the cold shoulder. It's added "a raft of Canadian and U.S. programming to its Canuck online video subscription service," the Hollywood Reporter says. Story.

> While Netflix is adding content, it appears Yahoo! is subtracting workers--as much as 5 percent of its staff. Happy holidays, folks. Story.

And finally ... if you like your news short and to the point, there's not much more to this report from Bloomberg than the statement that Sprint (NYSE: S) has no present plans to acquire Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR). Story.