CableLabs reportedly looking at picocells

In a logical move, considering industry members at the CableLabs' summer conference voted BelAir Networks' strand-mounted picocell product "best new idea likely to succeed," CableLabs has reportedly started a technical project to look into picocells for cable wireless deployments or at least cellular backhaul.

BelAir Networks strand mounted picocellLight Reading Cable quotes "industry sources familiar with the work" as saying that CableLabs issued a request for information (ROI) earlier this month and is looking for data on "various cable options for providing cellular backhaul services, including picocells that can be strand-mounted to hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks that support 3G, WiFi and 4G technology connections."

CableLabs, in true cable fashion, "declined to comment," the story said, even though it was very public about liking the idea during its summer Innovation Showcase.

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- Light Reading Cable has this story

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