Charter enlists Oracle to help it deliver targeted ads

Oracle (pixabay)
Image: Oracle

Charter Communications is using technology from Silicon Valley luminary Oracle to power its addressable advertising business, the companies jointly revealed at a New York advertiser event Wednesday.

According to Adweek, which attended the Oracle Data Summit, it’s the first time the Oracle Data Cloud has been used in a pay-TV addressable advertising situation. 

“This allows us to connect Charter’s information to the data that we have to make a much better, appropriate plan around who to target, what [TV ] programs to connect to,” Joe Kyriakoza, head of autos and TV solutions for Oracle Data Cloud, told Adweek. “So addressable marketplaces like Charter are great places for data companies like us to be able to connect the dots better on behalf of marketers.”

Charter’s advanced advertising clients can use Oracle Data Cloud, managing more than 7.5 million data points, to target segments of the operator’s 16 million set-top box users. The Oracle Data Cloud holds $3 trillion worth of offline publishing information, according to Adweek, originating back to Oracle’s purchase of Datalogix in December 2014. 

“We are trying to get to a place where we take standardized segmentation that we’ve pre-created and build it into [Charter’s] system,” Kyriakoza said. “We can help them understand segments of frequent buyers of toothpaste, frequent buyers of certain kinds of vehicles, frequent buyers of kinds of clothing lines.

“There’s some granularity we can get to, but with granularity, you can compromise scale,” he added. “And with TV, we usually want scale. So we don’t go too deep, instead going after a really good subset of an audience type that brands are looking for. Then, we map it to the addressable footprint of Charter.”