Charter quietly launches a la carte streaming bundle ‘Choice’

Charter's updated logo
(Image: Charter Communications)

Charter Communications, which has already testing an IP-over-managed-network service called "Stream,"  has quietly rolled out an even skinnier streaming bundle it's calling "Choice."

According to reporters who have test drove the service, it delivers the four major broadcast networks plus 10 cable channels for $26 a month. The 10 channels can be selected a la carte from a list of 65 networks, culled from deals with NBCUniversal, Time Warner Inc., 21st Century Fox, AMC Networks and The Walt Disney Company. (Yes, ESPN is included, as are a few standalones, like the NFL Network.) 

Charter is advertising the service on this product page.  Charter is still advertising "Stream" which includes 25 channels and costs users around $30 a month, once a $6 broadcast surcharge is included. It's unclear whether Choice is also delivered over managed network--Charter reps have yet to respond to our inquiries for comment. 

Cord Cutter News and a several other blogs have, however, been on this story for several weeks. 

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According to Tech Hive, Choice is being offered at a $15-a-month promotional rate, with customers able to bolt on the service at no costs for the industry-standard first seven days. 

Tech Hive’s Ohio-situated reporter said he’s being charged a $3-a-month broadcast surcharge—the total monthly price after promotion is $26.02, he said. ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are included in the bundle, as are PBS and C-SPAN. 

Premium networks including HBO, Showtime and Starz are also available at an additional monthly cost. 

While on-demand programming augments the live streams, there is no cloud DVR as of yet.