Charter's Lovett: Good customer service will save cable

Better customer service is more than just a goal for Charter Communications (Nasdaq: CHTR); it's the key to the MSO's survival in the upcoming dogfight with over-the-top content providers, President-CEO Mike Lovett said during the UBS 38th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference.

"Over-the-top is an opportunity for us to bring greater value to the household as a distributor of choice. I think we're in a unique position," Lovett said.

That position will be enabled by an improved customer experience and better brand recognition of Charter as a "solutions provider," he said, noting that he is "not pleased" with Charter's current customer service record but that things are improving. "It takes time to change consumer perception. There's significant opportunity for us to make improvements over the next several years."

Improved customer relationships are critical to the MSO's agenda of "hybrid solutions that allow us to take (a) legacy of strong linear content and platform and at the same time get the pace of innovation that we see around the world of IP," said Ted Schremp executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

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