Charter reportedly ups broadcast surcharge to $7.50 in Raleigh, North Carolina

Charter van

Charter Communications has begun telling customers in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area that their broadcast TV surcharge will shoot up to $7.50 from $6.05 in the next billing cycle.

These customers will also see internet services fees increase by $1 per month.

The report comes courtesy of a Charter customer, posting a Spectrum bundle bill in a DSLReports user forum.

Charter hasn’t yet responded to inquiries to confirm the fee increase, or given any insight as to how wide-ranging the increase might be.  

Charter transitioned its acquired Time Warner Cable footprint in North Carolina earlier this year. 

In November, a San Diego state court sued Charter for false advertising and breach of contract, with the complaint claiming that the MSO was improperly charging fees, such as broadcast and sports TV surcharges, not included in the advertised price.

Charter “and its wholly owned subsidiary Time Warner Cable, Inc. (TWC) is engaging in a massive illegal scheme of falsely advertising and promising its cable television service plans for much lower prices than it actually charges,” said the lawsuit (PDF).

“The reality is that Charter invented these surcharges in order to deceive its customers by advertising and promising a lower price while actually charging a higher price," the lawsuit added.

The suit followed a similar class action complaint levied against Comcast.