Citizens group gives Genachowski's 'third way' regulatory scheme a thumbs down

Apparently, telecommunications service providers aren't the only ones unhappy with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's plans to regulate portions of the Internet. Genachwoski's avowed "third way" of regulation is the wrong way, according to Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), which issued a press release assailing Genachowski's proposed course and naming him May Porker of the Month.

Genachowski last week suggested using portions of the Title II telecom regulatory act to cover portions of broadband Internet delivery to assure what he hoped would be equal access for all parties. Telecom providers have argued that no such thing is possible because some users are bandwidth hogs who must be regulated for the benefit of the majority. Comcast, in fact, won a court case with that exact argument, forcing the FCC to move in the regulatory direction.

A statement attributed to CAGW president Tom Schatz said, "broadband providers and their customers neither want nor need the FCC's interference, which would stifle the innovation that has driven the success of the Internet" and that "the agency is out of its depth and will end up sinking time and the taxpayers' money into harassing an industry that is functioning very well without ham-fisted government regulations."

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