CMA Communications pushes into enterprise space; Time Warner Cable launches SignatureHome nationwide

> Dallas-based rural cable operator CMA Communications is elevating its business service offerings into the enterprise space and has tabbed IBBS Commercial Services for the equipment. News release.

> Time Warner Cable has launched its top-of-the-line SignatureHome triple play service nationwide. The service includes whole house DVR, remote DVR management, wireless home networking for as many as 14 devices and the ability to retrieve voice messages online. News Release.

> Comcast (and aren't these guys a bunch of busy bees?) has filed a motion with the FCC to brush aside Zoom's complaint that its modem testing process is "unreasonable, irrelevant, time consuming and costly." Zoom said the process is really about discouraging retail sales so Comcast can lease equipment. Story.

> For those of you not yet sick of Comcast, there's this word that the MSO has countered Level 3's network peering arguments with the FCC by stating, basically, that "Capacity has a cost." At least that's the way Comcast put it on a blog posting; the FCC got a more bureaucratic statement. Story.

> Former FCC Chairman Michael Powell, a Republican who doesn't really agree with it, still believes net neutrality rules will be adopted later this year. And, Powell said, it's probably a good thing because "it's time to move" and stop industry uncertainty. Story.

And finally... you might want to bring an apple along the next time you call on Time Warner Cable President-CEO Glenn Britt and CTO Mike Lajoie. The pair have agreed to be guest presenters--i.e. teachers--at the SCTE Leadership Institute with Tuck at Dartmouth next year. News release.