Coax home network promises unfettered HD video

The latest release of the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) home networking platform is promising to allow high definition video unfettered from other network demands. Using faster throughputs and better quality of service controls MoCA 1.1 will allow "premium" content to run separate from other best efforts using home coax networks. The platform uses a feature called parameterized quality of service, a technique that manages bandwidth on the network and prioritizes multiple streams of high-definition content.

Alliance CIO Dr. Anton Monk said this would address concerns service operators have had to ensure delivery of protected, premium HD video glitch-free to IP-capable set-tops via the MoCA-based home network. If a hi-def movie, for example, requires 20 Mbit/s, the QOS manager on the system will lock down that amount of capacity on the MoCA network. The thoughput of MoCA 1.1 will remain about 175 Mbit/s--about 75 percent better than the 100 Mbit/s typically seen with MoCA 1.0, claims Monk, who is also vice president of communications technology for Entropic Communications Inc., a chip maker.

The alliance plans to formally announce the new version, dubbed MoCA 1.1, in Atlanta this week . 

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