Comcast boosts broadband speeds in 9 pre-DOCSIS 3.1 states

Comcast (Flickr user Mike Mozart)

Comcast has boosted speeds for popular broadband tiers in nine states where it has yet to roll out DOCSIS 3.1-powered gigabit services, including Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona (Tucson), Minnesota, Texas (Houston) and Missouri (Kansas City).

The free upgrade will raise the download speeds of “Performance Plus” customers from 75 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Blast Pro customers will see their download speeds increase from 150 Mbps to 200 Mbps. 

The MSO said new customers will enjoy the upgraded speeds immediately, while existing subscribers will see their speeds increase by Dec. 1.

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“We want our customers to enjoy the best possible online experience,” said Rodrigo Lopez, regional senior VP of Comcast’s Oregon/SW Washington Region, in a statement. “For example, the increase from 75 to 100 Mbps means faster streaming, and it gives families the ability to enjoy more devices online at the same time, addressing the increasing demands in today’s homes.”

Comcast is simultaneously rolling out DOCSIS 3.1-powered 1-gig services. It said these services will be available in 15 cities by early 2017.

Comcast's speed upgrades come after the Fiber to the Home Council released a report (PDF) suggesting that the price of sub-gig broadband services drops $27 a month in markets where gigabit services have been introduced.