Comcast customer satisfaction at highest point since 2001

Comcast Center's office in Philadelphia. Image: Comcast

Two years after plunging $300 million into improving customer service, Comcast is getting strong feedback. 

The American Customer Satisfaction Index, whose surveys have ranked Comcast near the bottom of major pay-TV operators in recent years, recently gave the cable company its best marks since 2001.

"We would say there's something there, it's real impact," said Forrest Morgeson, ACSI's Director of Research, to the Portland Oregonian. 

Comcast has ID’s Oregon as a litmus test for its self-improvement program. In the second year after the campaign was launched, the MSO says complaints are down 25 percent. They’re down 40 percent since 2014, Comcast said.

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"We know we still have a lot of work to do. I think what we're happy with is the progress we've made and the focus we have on it," said Charlie Herrin, the former product manager who was put in charge of Comcast’s charm campaign in 2014. 

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While Comcast’s 161,000 pay-TV customer additions in 2016 are proof enough that it’s improving its image, it’s not hard to understand why it’s tub-thumping its recent turnaround to the Oregonian.

Last week, several regulators in the progressive state called for the attorney general to launch an investigation into Comcast surcharges for broadcast channels and regional sorts networks.

Comcast, meanwhile, continues to battle the Oregon state government over how it’s being taxed.