Comcast deploys DOCSIS 3.1-powered 1 Gbps services in Utah, Mediacom rolls out in Georgia

Comcast Center headquarters in Philadelphia. Image: Comcast

The proliferation of DOCSIS 3.1-backed 1-Gbps cable broadband services has impacted two more states: Comcast announced that Utah has joined its gigabit ranks, while Mediacom simultaneously touted the inclusion of Georgia. 

“What I am most excited about is that Comcast’s residential 1-gig service is available throughout Utah—not just in specific areas of the state. It’s important that superior internet speeds are accessible to more people,” said Richard Nelson, president of the Utah Technology Council, in a statement.

Comcast will price its 1-Gbps service in Utah at $159.95 a month without contract. It will, however, test promotional pricing with one-year contracts in Salt Lake City, Provo and North Ogden, charging $70 a month. (It will charge $109.99 in tests involving other Utah regions.)

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Comcast will be competing with Google Fiber’s $70-a-month 1-Gbps service in Salt Lake City and Provo. 

Comcast has already launched DOCSIS 3.1 service in Atlanta, Detroit and Miami, as well as in other markets in Florida, Tennessee and Alabama. 

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As for Mediacom’s speed boost in Georgia, the announcement comes just two weeks after the operator touted DOCSIS 3.1 services in Minnesota. The company said 275,000 households in more than 50 southwest Georgia communities passed by Mediacom’s fiber-rich digital network will now have access to cable-based 1-Gbps services. 

In December, Mediacom announced that it would have its entire network upgraded to DOCSIS 3.1 by the end of 2016, based on Cisco’s cBR-8 converged cable access platform (CCAP) and Casa’s C100G CCAP products. It is now in the process of swapping in DOCSIS 3.1-capable CPE within the markets of its 22-state footprint, branding the associated services as “Gigasphere.”