Comcast readies X1 for football season, kicks off new sports features

Image: Comcast

Comcast has announced the latest software upgrades to its X1 video operating system, organizing sports programming by professional leagues and surfacing scores as soon as viewers enter a specific bucket. 

“First and foremost, we’ve sectioned out the top of the new sports guide by each major league, creating new landing pages for each league—including the NFL, MLB, NCAAF, soccer and even sports like cricket, tennis and golf—so customers can now find and get to what they want to watch quicker,” said Jason Angelides, executive director of product management for Comcast Cable, in a company blog post outlining the upgrade.

In addition to surfacing game scores, X1 will thumbnail live games, game previews, relevant highlight shows and any relevant highlight clips making the rounds on YouTube.

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Of course, there will be a voice control component, as well.

“Customers can access this guide view by just saying ‘sports’ or any league like ‘NFL’ into the X1 voice remote, tapping the ‘guide’ button twice or via a link from within the Sports App. In the future, customers will be able to customize this menu to display only the sports, teams and athletes they root for, giving them instant access to the content they care about most,” Angelides said. 

Comcast said that around 55% of its pay-TV footprint has adopted X1 as of the end of the second quarter.