Comcast to launch DOCSIS 3.1 services in Huntsville, Alabama

Comcast Center headquarters in Philadelphia. Image: Comcast

Comcast says that Huntsville, Alabama, will be the next market in which it deploys DOCSIS 3.1 network services, following deployments in Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago and Detroit last year. 

Huntsville has become a key battleground for gigabit-speed services, with Google Fiber and AT&T already ensconced in the region.

In early November, it was reported that Comcast would have the next-generation CableLabs-developed network standard deployed in 15 markets by early 2017, with markets including Denver, Seattle, Knoxville and Jacksonville joining the fun. Huntsville wasn’t on that list of cities set to receive deployments. 

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"We know that high-speed Internet is the infrastructure of the future, and it is absolutely necessary for communities to remain competitive for economic development and attractive to people looking to move to Huntsville," Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said in a statement. "We appreciate Comcast's efforts to bring gigabit-speed Internet service to Huntsville and look forward to the benefit that this technology will deliver to our residents and businesses." 

Comcast has been the most aggressive U.S. cable company in terms of deploying the new Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification version. The upgrade requires new modems and gateways in customer homes, as well as within the Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS) located at Comcast facilities. Of course, it doesn’t require Comcast to deploying new wiring. 

Comcast said it plans to have DOCSIS 3.1 deployed across its entire 39-state footprint by 2018.

“This launch reflects Comcast’s ongoing commitment to offering the fastest speeds to the most homes and businesses in Huntsville,” said Comcast Regional senior VP Doug Guthrie, also in a statement. “Soon, customers will leverage a new gigabit internet service that will deliver a truly unparalleled online experience.”