Could TV Everywhere spell the end for Hulu?

Comcast darling TV Everywhere could doom Hulu--now supported by NBC, News Corp/Fox and Disney/ABC--if and when Comcast completes its takeover of NBC.

Hulu, as everyone by now should know, was created by TV networks as a place to put their full-length TV shows online with their own advertising as opposed to having them lifted and shown on YouTube. TV Everywhere works on basically the same principle except that the content is free only to those who already pay for cable and have an access code to prove it. That's called putting the content behind a paywall and Comcast is supposedly pushing very hard to shove Hulu back there as well.

Hulu is already having its own problems with media companies that are unsure of whether they want their content on the free site. TV Everywhere, especially with the muscle of Comcast-NBC behind it, could change or destroy the model altogether.

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