Cox looks at Kyocera phones; Apple eyes TV

The blogosphere is alive with speculation about how Cox Communications will attack the wireless business and what Apple envisions for television.

Cox, one blogger suggests, is working on an app to run on Android using a Kyocera phone. "The logos were taped over but quite legible from the bumps nevertheless. There were also some Cox apps included; I think one was either for watching DTV or controlling DVR," wrote the blogger, who "worked on a quick short-term sub-sub-sub contract to write an Android app for a trade show."

Apple is getting even more buzz. There's the talk about Steve Jobs appearance at last night's Oscars and the notion that "with the cable industry in more turmoil than ever... it could be Apple's turn to flex a bigger muscle in video and broadcast entertainment." That flex could come from Apple TV where the company's patent shows a "computer-like device" that Apple says is not a desktop computer. That would make it a television, the report suggests.

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