Cox Media, INVIDI set addressable TV advertising trial

Cox Communications' advertising division, Cox Media, is giving addressable advertising a look as part of its "ongoing strategy to develop advanced advertising products and new programmic sales capabilities," according to a corporate press release.

Cox is testing the Invidi Technologies platform to determine the benefits of serving tailored ads to individual Cox Communications video subscribers broken down by geographic, demographic and other pre-determined qualifiers.

"Addressability creates a new class of premium television advertising inventory, which is why Cox Media is committed to bringing it to market as another tool for our clients to connect consumers to the products they care about," Mike Zeigler, vice president of Cox Media operations and business development said in the press release. "The ability to create specifically defined and measurable ad impressions is valuable to both video consumers and those who buy ads in Cox markets."

Invidi President-CEO Dave Downey predicted that Cox Media "will find addressability especially valuable in their innovative work with national and programmic ad buyers."

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- see this press release

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