Digital Utilities Ventures advances on IPTV advertising

Internet-to-TV company Digital Utilities Ventures (DUTV) has introduced an IPTV advertising platform, Vizzads, and made it part of its "corporate vision for 2013 and beyond," CEO Gary McHenry said in a press release.

Vizzads will be part of the overall Vizzage all-IP content delivery network model, McHenry said.

"Vizzads… will present significant opportunities for delivering advertising that matches delivered content with its audience," McHenry said. "[P]roduct ads will be targeted to specific users or potential users based on demographics and viewer data."

This, he said, will help advertisers and those who buy advertising space more accurately target their end consumers.

"Vizzads will allow us to secure a large portion of the projected 26 billion dollar IPTV advertising market over the next few years," he predicted.

The Vizzage direct-to-Internet TV broadcasting platform is built to allow IP video to be delivered to IP-ready TV sets, cell phones via Wi-Fi and Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO) 3G networks and 4G WiMAX. The company maintains that this video transport consumes "under 1 megabit of the Internet as the backbone to the television set and 150 kilobits to the cell phone," creating what it describes as "the first global 'Virtual Cable Television Network.'"

Vizzage, McHenry said, is "built on the recognition that the video services and technology evolution have the potential to transform consumer experience by effectively revolutionizing IPTV into a media-aware network."

The transformation to an all-IPTV model has "already begun with the interest in cable IPTV, so by 2015, it can be anticipated that most of the major cable service providers will be deploying some form of IP-based video delivery systems as part of their cable networks. Our Vizzage network will be far ahead, before the cable company's transition," he concluded.

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