DirecTV launches live whole-home DVR service

Last week, Cox Communications became the first U.S. cable operator to offer a whole-home DVR as part of a $5 a month add-on package of services that included new Cisco set-top boxes with expanded hard drives, MoCA and a new electronic program guide. This week, DirecTV launched nationwide availability of its own whole-home DVR for $3 a month.

The satellite provider had been beta testing the units for the past several months. The whole-home DVR feature, which requires no new hardware, allows programs from an HD DVR to be streamed to other non-DVR HD receivers throughout a residence to connect up to 15 TVs--including, of course, the original one.

Among the features DirecTV is touting are the ability to manage the DVR playlist from any room, record two shows while watching two others, and set separate parental controls for each TV.

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