DirecTV’s NFL blackout issue fixed, AT&T says


AT&T said it has fixed an issue that resulted in DirecTV Now users being unable to watch NFL games on FOX over the weekend. 

The upshot? It appears DirecTV Now users will now be able to stream games featuring local NFL teams in their living rooms, but not on mobile devices. 

"On Sunday, we experienced an issue where some DirecTV Now customers were unable to stream portions of the football games on their respective local Fox channel," AT&T said in a statement released to "We've identified the issue and are confident that customers will be able to stream next Sunday's games in available markets where league blackout restrictions don't apply."

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On Sunday, AT&T received complaints — via Twitter and other means — from DirecTV Now subscribers in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, who said they were blacked out from watching the Eagles-Redskins game on their local FOX owned-and-operated stations. 

Users of the new virtual MVPD platform in San Francisco, Tampa Bay and Atlanta also complained about being blacked out of NFL broadcasts. 

AT&T hasn’t been explicit as to what caused the blackout. But it appears to be related to broadcast restrictions tied to Verizon’s exclusive mobile streaming deal with the NFL. 

Due to the Verizon contract, AT&T — or virtual MVPD competitors like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue —can’t enable DirecTV Now users to stream games featuring teams from their local market on their mobile devices. 

It appears that at the time of the blackout, AT&T simply wasn’t able to parse out mobile viewing from in-home usage.