Dish exec slams Hulu model; BT broadband network disrupted--again

> Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) may be the original over-the-top content provider-dishes go on rood top, after all--but Bruce Eisen, vice president of online content development and strategy at Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) isn't a big fan of the latest versions, including Hulu. "If I can watch Glee tomorrow morning (and why would anyone want to do that?) and I don't have to pay a pay TV service--I think that's bad," Eisen said during a cord cutting panel at the Streaming Media West conference. "If people decide they don't have to pay for pay TV then one of the pillars (of the TV industry) starts crumbling." Story.

> Speaking of crumbling, there are some concerns in the U.K. that BT's (NYSE: BT) network is not as reliable as it might be. The service provider admitted it experienced service disruption in parts of Scotland. The latest problem came after the service provider repaired a technical fault that slammed services last weekend. Story.

> For 30 bucks you have to bring your own soda and popcorn, but on the other hand you don't have to pay for gas and parking when you order a theatrical release from Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) (not to be confused with Time Warner Cable). The big media company said it is on track to roll out a premium VoD service next summer in HD and 3D that gives subscribers the opportunity to purchase and view movies close to theatrical release dates. The films would be made available in a partnership with In Demand, a joint VoD play among Cox Communications, Comcast and Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC-WI) (now there's TWC). Right now the biggest question is when to open the window relative to theatrical release. Story.

> Virgin Media (Nasdaq: VMED) says it's about to launch a TiVo-powered set-top box that can store 1 terabyte of videos, has a built-in cable modem and will let users access Internet applications and services directly on TV sets (through the box, of course). Story.

And finally... Cox Communications is ready to juice up its Trio interactive program guide to include quick access to local news and weather and social networking plays like Facebook and Twitter. The MSO follows a trend within the cable industry to improve and simplify user interfaces to make it easier for subscribers to find content. In Cox's case, specifications requests have been issued to technology vendors to develop simpler ways to find and display content from a multitude of sources. Story.