Dish reviewing its ad agency amid floundering of Spokeslistener

The Spokeslistener may have taken his unique brand of nurturing and empathy somewhere else after Dish Network launched a creative review of its ad agency. (Dish Network)

After bleeding out around 823,000 customers in the first three quarters of 2017 despite spending $203 million on advertising in the first six months of the year, Dish Network has launched a creative review of its San Francisco ad agency partner Camp + King.

Sources close to the review tell Adweek that numerous agencies have been invited to pitch Dish for new business, while Camp + King has demurred on an opportunity to defend its work.

Dish reps had no comment for FierceCable. 

Camp + King has been working with Dish since 2015, notably crafting Sling TV’s seminal ad campaign, which bears the slogan “Take Back TV.”

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The agency is also behind Dish’s “Spokeslistener” campaign, which features an unidentified salt-and-pepper character actor appearing in ads, attempting to show how much more empathetic Dish is on the customer service end when compared to cable.

Of course, Dish and satellite rival DirecTV built their businesses on differentiating themselves from cable. With the OTT cord cutting and over-the-top competition rampant, Dish is probably well served by kicking the tires on its brand message.

Ditto on the vMVPD side, which has become a lot more competitive since 2015, when Dish launched alone in what was brand-new market at the time. 

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