Dish seeks to poach DirecTV customers; promises they'll save $250 by switching over

While DirecTV continues to target cable's market share with actor Rob Lowe and his dysfunctional doppelgangers, Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) is now taking the fight to the home field of the satellite TV business with a new campaign targeting DirecTV (NASDAQ: DTV) subscribers.

Dish is promising that its reps can find programming packages for "qualified" customers that can save them at least $250 a year. If a customer switching over from DirecTV is determined to have saved less than $250 over 12 months, the operator will give them a $250 prepaid card.

"Consumers' purchase decisions are often closely tied to value, and our new campaign highlights Dish's undeniable advantage in price plus technology over DirecTV," said James Moorhead, senior VPand chief marketing officer, Dish Network, in a statement. "With Dish, customers get the same channels, shows and the sports they love, and we save them hundreds in their first year. When combined with the industry's most awarded DVR, the Hopper, choosing Dish becomes an easy decision."

Such campaigns used to be directed at the cable industry. With Dish losing 12,000 customers in the third quarter, and DirecTV about to transform into a more powerful competitive force upon completion of its pending merger with AT&T (NYSE: T), all bets are off.

Dish Network DirecTV challenge

Dish set up a price-comparison website to convince DirecTV subs they can save money by switching. (Source:

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