Disney disses Dish Network; pulls four HD channels from satellite lineup

Cable operators aren't the only ones dealing with unruly and angry programmers. Dish Network's relationship with Disney has gone from bad to horrible as the programmer pulled ESPNews HD, Disney Channel HD Disney XD and Family FD as part of a dispute over $65 million a judge ruled Dish owes for carrying the channels.

Of course the timing couldn't be worse. Dish is on a big campaign about its high definition content and now here are four channels going poof into the night--or the ether, as it were.

Meanwhile, in other Dish News, not-so-bad is apparently good when it comes to the company's stock. A Nasdaq news story said the satellite provider "has been making steadily higher lows since March 2009 and now is refusing to break below its 200-day moving average." Apparently failing to go low is a high in the eyes of investors who are supposedly shifting their bucks from DirecTV to Dish.

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