Edgeware announces new customer, new product and new record

AMSTERDAM -- It's been a busy week at the International Broadcasting Convention for video systems specialist Edgeware, which announced a new customer--Belgacom, the largest telco in Belgium--a new product and a new record for streaming density.

On the customer front, Edgeware said Belgacom is deploying Edgeware's Distributed Video Delivery Network to deliver its "TV Partout/TV Overall" multiscreen service.

Using the Edgeware solution, Belgacom can give its subscribers access on a range of devices to 55 channels at home or on the go. They can also access the full Belgacom TV Electronic Program Guide and schedule recordings on their nPVR service.

Belgacom said being able to easily scale its multiscreen offering was key to its decision to go with Edgeware. The deal allowed Belgacom to add streaming licenses and deliver live events with an uptake of 5 to 6 times the normal peak, the company said.

Edgeware also rolled out a tool that shows significant increases in IP delivery capacity, helping to position cloud TV and Internet TV service against traditional broadcast and pay-TV content.

Edgeware's D-VDN Origin Accelerator accelerates both ingest and playout capacity of origin servers, increasing the efficiency of delivering content in multiscreen and TV Everywhere initiatives.

The growing popularity of TV Everywhere and new OTT cloud TV services is placing more pressure on video headends, as the services require them to record and store more content in more bitrates and formats than ever before, all while delivering content to an increasing number of access networks, Edgeware said.

Costs scale rapidly with the number of channels, the number of recordings and the number of networks served by the origin servers, even with local caching.

The Edgeware D-VDN Origin Accelerator offloads and load balances all origin ingest and playout functions. Low-cost hardware can be used to provide redundant storage and any content transformation needed for the different formats.

The company this week also said its new Orbit 3080, the newest addition to its lineup of high-density network video delivery appliances, features 80 Gbps wire speed video streaming from a single rack unit.

Edgeware said the Orbit 3080 provides a ten-fold increase in throughput per rack unit when compared to a high-performance, generic server.

Edgeware appliances provide deterministic wire speed performance for live, video on demand (VOD) and network digital video recorder (nDVR) applications, and they support combinations of HTTP and RTSP traffic with uniformly low latency.

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