Editor's Corner: Join me at IPTV Evolution

This week's news is all about the set-top box and its alternatives: The SlingCatcher, AppleTV and even the Xbox 360. Much of the industry expected more content deals to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but only the CBS tie-up with Sling Media seemed to break through the noise. While the fall saw the YouTubification of all things video, it seems the winter season has focused on bridging that PC-TV divide to ensure those grainy YouTube videos can be enjoyed on the big screen from the living room couch.

Content is driving the need for bridging the PC-TV divide, just as it drove the YouTube mania in 2006. As the Xbox 360 introduces IPTV to an entire generation of gamers, let's be sure that IPTV offers the content necessary to drive IPTV mania in 2007 and 2008.

Join me and the leaders of the IPTV content sector at IPTV Evolution, co-located at Internet Telephony on January 24, 2007, to discuss the blueprint for IPTV's success. Recent history shows it starts with content, so let's listen to what the content providers have to say. Register today! - Brian