ESPN to show 3D to broadcasters

ESPN will use the upcoming NAB Show, traditionally a place where broadcasters gather to bemoan the state of their industry, to showcase its 3D TV expertise and explain how it's accomplished.

ESPN executives will use a Content Theater session to explain the lessons the sports broadcaster has learned as it moved along the trail of producing sports programming in 3D. ESPN also promises to unveil "dynamic, never-before-seen S3d (stereoscopic 3D) footage" while addressing its plans to make a dedicated 3D channel a reality.

Not to burst ESPN and every other 3D hopeful's bubble, but the nagging problem of how, not what, to watch continues for 3D programmers. It all comes down to the honking big and ugly glasses that are needed and, worst of all, incompatible with each other and expensive. Cheap throwaway glasses used in movie theaters don't cut it with television.

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