Fighting fire with video

While most focus on the IPTV space has been around the delivery of residential media a number of enterprises are now deploying a IP video solutions for internal communications and training.

Portland's Fire and Rescue service is rolling out an IP video network to teach firefighters to effectively and safely respond to emergency situations. Portland's steaming solution augments its current analog closed circuit cable system. Portland Fire is using Optibase's H.264 Media Gateway 1100 box to encode and stream at low bit rates directly to three fire stations not currently on their analog cable system. Previously Portland Fire would record the analog video on DVD and send copies to all the stations not on the analog system.

Portland is an example of the increasing use of IPTV solutions at the enterprise level: NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, uses an IPTV solution to stream both TV channels and live feeds of flight test. The multi screen player allows officers to track important flight test from multiple angles. And in the UK the Humberside Police transmit live video feeds from a helicopter, providing coverage across an area of 1,365 square miles. The feeds are distributed across the force's LAN and can be monitored on multiple PC clients by any authorized personnel in real-time.

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