Fox, Discovery, Time Warner and others could be pulling away from Netflix

In recent statements, executives from 21st Century Fox, Time Warner Inc. and Discovery Communications appear to be working to put some distance between their companies and Netflix. As Re/code pointed out, investors now will likely be watching carefully during this third-quarter reporting period to determine whether major pay-TV programmers will further that trend.

As Re/code notes, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes recently said that the company needs to make sure it doesn't undercut itself "by having somebody else pay a fraction of the cost and create a better inventory on the various shows you yourself invented." Those comments, and similar ones from other major pay-TV CEOs, appear directly targeted at Netflix.

Netflix, for its part, has made clear that it believes it has a wealth of content to license to support its SVOD service, and is concurrently building up its library of original series. Indeed, the company is poised to release its latest teaming with Marvel, the TV show Jessica Jones.

It remains to be seen whether Netflix will be able to maintain its growth as major programmers turn to alternatives like Hulu, Amazon and their own streaming services. Article

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