French telco rolls out four 3D channels for IPTV service

The effort to float 3D TV as a viable value-added product for carriers is picking up steam in Europe where French telco Free has rolled out plans for a gaggle of 3D channels on its IPTV service.

Free, which counts 3.55 million subscribers to its IPTV Freebox service, said it plans four 3D channels and two video on demand channels across its ADSL and FTTH network. Two channels, NRJ12 3D and Wildearth 3D will be included in the basic package with Brava 3D and Penthouse 3D being offered as premium content later in 2011.

The Iliad subsidiary said its VOD services, FHV and Marc Dorcel, should launch by the end of this year. Combined, the operator says, the offerings make for the largest collection of 3D and VOD services available in France.

Freebox gives customers more than 400 channels, including 170 in its basic package. Customers can view 28 HD channels, 15 in the basic package. Other features include the Freebox Replay catch-up TV service and 12 VoD platforms.

Competitors Orange, Canal and Numericable also have 3D offerings.

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