Frontier FiOS rate hike on hold ... for now

Frontier Communications (NYSE: FTR) still plans to hike its rates for FiOS TV beyond what most consumers will willingly--or unwillingly--pay, but it doesn't know how to break the news, according to a story in The Oregonian, the newspaper that broke the news of the rate increase.

"We're working on the specific messaging: How do we help customers with the price increase?" Frontier spokeswoman Stephanie Beasly told the newspaper. That message is indeed tough if, as first reports indicate, those increases could be as much as 46 percent, pushing monthly fees from $65 to $95.

First indications were that the increases would go into effect on Feb. 18 for new customers and existing customers with expiring contracts. Later it was suggested March 1 would be the day. Now, Beasly said, "There is not a rate increase that will be taking place either of those days. But there still will be a rate increase."

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