G.hn home networking standard moves closer with interop

Industry organizations are so serious about getting the interoperability part of the G.hn home networking standard right that they're holding an interoperability plugfest before the standard is even set or any products have been deployed.

"This is quite a unique approach in the industry because ... you generally have one company developing technology and creating a standard around it and interoperability comes later. In this case the approach we're taking is different. All the vendors in this industry have decided that it's better to work interoperability first, make sure that the products from different vendors work together, then start deploying," Chano Gomez, co-chair of HomeGrid Forum's marketing working group told FierceCable.

In addition to HomeGrid Forum, Broadband Forum and ITU are driving the May 23-27 test in Geneva. Both vendors and service providers drove the idea.

"(Vendors) don't know where they're going to be in the market so they want to hedge their bets and make sure that their product will interoperate with the other guys," Gomez said. Customers are "saying they love this technology ... but they don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past so they want a demonstration that these chips will work with some else's chips."

The ITU-developed G.hn is described as the "first global home networking standard created to unify home networking services and device over any wire, including coaxial cable, phone lines and power lines," according to an organization news release.

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