German telco presses IPTV

Deutsche Telekom is looking for 200,000 new IPTV subscribers by year's end. The German is working on a fixed line restructuring in the wake of losing 3.4 million customers since January 2006, reports indicate.

Deutsche has a 40 percent market share in Germany's broadband sector, and the company intends to keep a grip on it with IPTV. Planned network upgrades will increase Deutsche Telekom's footprint from 15 million to 17.2 million by the end of this year.

Concurrently, the telco announced that it's dropping the price of its triple-play by 16 percent, from $110 to $81 for the basic package of voice, broadband and 70 video channels. Both initiatives were announced at IFA, the international consumer electronics event held yearly in Berlin.

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