Google TV on May launch pad; other applications promise to end TV as we know it

Those who think that TV can do more for less money will have a chance to see how Google thinks it can disrupt the establishment when the search engine giant reportedly launches its Google TV Web-meets-TV platform this month. Analysts are divided on the impact the service might have on television but some believe it could "change the TV into a giant Web terminal," according to a published report.

Google TV is part of an ongoing bit of wishful thinking--to those who disagree--or futuristic trend towards interactive applications based more on the Internet and less on TV. They're why, according to Jim Louderback writing in the BusinessInsider, "We'll be installing apps from our favorite content providers that work across big-screen TVs... our computers, tablets and smart phones. We'll buy programming from the providers directly and pipes and plumbing from someone else. And that's the future of cable companies."

Of course there's a balance to everything and BusinessInsider, for its part, provides it with a piece by Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital titled, "Here's How the TV Business Actually Works (And Why It's Going to Take Longer than you Think to Disrupt It.)" Gurley, who brings the Silicon Valley insider perspective, points out in his piece that too often forward thinkers fail to perceive that others might not accept their fate and "abandon everything they know, walk away from the majority of their revenue and terminate 80 percent of their problems."

Ya think?

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