HomePlug Alliance jacks up powerline home networking

A new set of specifications from the HomePlug Alliance promises to deliver a five-times performance improvement over current HomePlug audio video solutions and "guarantee reliable delivery of throughput-intensive applications such as multiple streams of 1080p HD (and emerging 3D and 4K HGD) broadband Internet, Internet gaming and security camera video over existing wiring," the organization said in a news release.

Although it might be a bit of hype to headline these as "revolutionary advancements," the improvements do allow electrical powerline connectivity technology to keep pace with ever increasing bandwidth demand for a number of connected in-home devices.

Among the changes in the new specification, which the organization said is fully interoperable with current products, is the use of MIMO, increased Medium Access Control (MAC) efficiencies, increased operating spectrum and use of repeating and routing technology in networks of three or more nodes.

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