Hoteliers get technology to deliver cloud-connected iTV; Net Insight stays mum about new broadband order

> The days of snowy 13-channel television packages in hotel rooms are going away. Lots of rooms have HD sets now--along with HD programming--and LodgeNet Interactive is taking that a step even further with a technology called Envision that connects guests to interactive information and entertainment via cloud computing. Story.

> Canadian cable operators, like their brethren to the south, take secrecy the extra nine yards. How else to explain a news release from Net Insight which claims the IP media-based vendor has received an order from "a leading communications company providing broadband cable television and telecommunication services in Canada through an extensive fibre network." So it's come to this; playing guessing games to figure who's doing what with technology.

> TV Everywhere might go nowhere if there's not some standardization work done pretty damned fast, a panel of industry know-it-alls said at Cable Next-Gen Video Strategies in Atlanta. Story.

> Here's a national broadband plan that the FCC probably hasn't considered. Best Buy is rolling out its own mobile broadband Internet service with store-branded services starting at $29.99 without a contract and topping off at $59.99 for some pretty hefty bandwidth. Story.

And finally... Follow the bouncing geography. The U.S. Air Force Material Command at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma has awarded Cox Communications Gulf Coast of Pensacola, Fla. a $29,520 contract for information technology services for Elgin Air Force Base in Florida. Story.