Hulu on a growth path, CEO Kilar assures

Hulu's somewhat controversial approach to distributing premium content, Hulu Plus, is coming up a winner in 2011, a blog post by CEO Jason Kilar claims. The premium service is "on track to exceed 1 million ... subscribers in 2011," the Hulu boss said. It had no subscribers at the start of 2010.

As a money-making machine, Hulu's doing OK as well, he added. "We are on pace to approach half a billion dollars in revenue in 2011. In Q1, our revenue grew approximately 90 percent over Q1 2010."

Hulu, Kilar said, made $263 million in revenue in 2010. Among other positive signs, he said, the service served about 50 percent more advertisers in the first quarter and grew the number of content providers from 211 to 264.

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