Intel inside Comcast's Web TV boxes?

The list of components built into those experimental Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) cable-Internet boxes being trialed in Augusta, Ga. reads like a who's who of cable vendors, according to a breakdown provided by Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner. There's Pace or maybe Samsung and there's SeaChange International (Nasdaq: SEAC). Then there are a couple non-traditional cable names: Nokia and Intel (Nasdaq: INTC).

Of particular interest is Intel, which has been trying to crack the high-volume cable business for years and may have found a way in through set-top boxes that are more computer than channel changer thanks to its ability to blend traditional cable TV with access to Internet content.

Then again, the box, code-named Parker, because cable guys always have to have code names, could be nothing more than the 21st Century's first Full Service Network device; highly featured, very expensive and meant only to try a concept, not roll it out.

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