Joost: Skype's free Internet TV service launches

Forget "The Venice Project," the innovators at Skype have formally launched their free, online video service with a new name: Joost. PC Magazine has a thorough interview with the CEO of Joost, Rredrik de Wahl. Here are some choice excerpts:

  • "We have a hybrid peer-to-peer approach. P2P delivery is great for very popular content--for things that are really challenging when you want to have mass distribution. For less popular content, P2P does not provide the best technical solution."
  • "We have a 'long-tail storage system' which is acting as a seeding server for the network. The LTS is the originating point in the system and also the fallback in case for the some reason the content does not reside on the P2P network. There's absolutely no way [for the user] to determine how and where the user gets the content from."
  • "We are today working toward a half-meg DSL connection...the application absolutely works on that. But we are in the beta phase, and there may be circumstances where that's not enough. I normally recommend 1MB even though our specs are built around using half a meg."

For the rest of the details:
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