Joost to offer live TV

Internet TV operator Joost has promised live programming beginning in early 2008, with a senior executive telling the Mipcom program market in Cannes that Joost hoped to secure more European sports rights. Joost, which released its beta software earlier this month, has secured online rights to Major League Baseball's World Series and playoffs and U.K. premier league soccer highlights.

Yvette Alberdingkthijm, Joost head of content strategy, said that while Joost wasn't trying to replace traditional TV, Joost predicts the Internet will be the dominant method for viewing TV over the next decade.

CEO Mike Volpi said more than two million users had downloaded the Joost application needed to use the fledgling TV service, which has been recording more than 100,000 downloads a day since it started Oct. 1.

Joost also said it plans to offer a catch-up option, so viewers can watch live broadcasts after the event.

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