Jumptap puts a crimp in cord cutters' lifestyle

Cable TV cord cutters looking to get their content for free on mobile phones have yet another speed bump to traverse. Mobile advertising solutions provider Jumptap has announced what it calls "the industry's first unified rich media ad platform" to deliver "engaging rich media ad units for mobile apps and the mobile Web."

Translation: you're going to get ads--in this instance, targeted and personalized ads--with your mobile content. "In order for a consumer to consume content... it has to be subsidized," Paran Johar, chief marketing officer of Jumptap told FierceCable. "When you watch TV, you have ads that pay for the television programming; when you read magazines, the content is subsidized via subscription and ads; when you're on the Internet and consuming content, that content is all subsidized via advertising. You're going to get ads no matter what."

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