Kingdom Telephone Co. launches IPTV in Missouri

SkitterTV and Kingdom Telephone Company are joining forces to deliver about 70 of the "most popular" over-the-air and cable television channels to Kingdom customers in Callaway and Montgomery Counties, Mo.

Day-to-day operations of the SkitterTV service will be managed by that company's sister company, Galva Cable LLC, the companies said in a press release. Galva provides end-to-end service, including installing the technology, security the programming rights and ongoing marketing. It also selects the 70 channels, winnowing the lineup down by eliminating those channels that are proven to be "seldom watched" by cable and satellite subscribers.

"Our goal--which we've achieved--is to provide rural telephone companies with a very low cost, high quality IPTV system, offering subscribers the channels they really want in SD and HD at reasonable prices," said Robert Saunders, CEO of SkitterTV.

The partnership lets Kingdom get into the video delivery business--a move that might not otherwise have been possible "if not for the economic model that SkitterTV offered," said Tom Young, the company's general manager.

The video service will soon become part of a triple play offering, he added.

"Skitter's proprietary variable bit-rate technology was another attractive feature. It will allow us to deliver video to far more of our subscribers than any other systems we've seen in the market," he noted.

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- here's Kingdom Telephone's announcement

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