Levin: FCC could have done a better job explaining broadband plan; Rovi Q3 sales climb 21%

> Blair Levin, the acknowledged author of the FCC's national broadband plan and now a fellow at the Aspen Institute, admitted during a Q&A that the plan was not-and perhaps still is not-being properly described to the consuming public. "We should've done a better job of explaining some of the ideas behind it ... so that folks could have a better idea of where we were coming from," Levin told PC World. Most importantly, perhaps, he tried to clear up the perceived chasm between wireline and wireless broadband. "It's a mistake to think of wireless communications as separate to wired communications. Most wireless communications are riding over wire, so one has to have both networks working well," he said. Story.

> Here's a guide--OK, that's a pun, but there is no such thing as a bad pun--to what's going on with the cable industry. Making it easier for subscribers to find the programming they want is a priority, so it's not surprising that television listings guide developer Rovi reported third quarter sales that were up 21 percent and adjusted profit that climbed 67 percent. Story.

> Broadband has been very, very good to cable competitor/provider SureWest Communications (Nasdaq: SURW) which reported a 9 percent increase in third quarter broadband revenue and a 20 percent growth in commercial revenues, reflecting "the wisdom of our long-term strategy to invest in and grow our broadband segment," said Steve Oldham, the carrier's president-CEO. Story.

> The New York Times may fancy itself as the nation's newspaper, but when it comes to in-depth political analysis and an understanding of the things that are affecting national policy, you just can't beat The Washington Post. The capitol's main daily is reporting that Republican gains in Congress could further muddle net neutrality because a business-friendly Republican-dominated Congress could "stall or weaken any new rules." Ya think? Story.

And finally... Charter Communications (Nasdaq: CHTR) has named Christopher Winfrey EVP-CFO starting Nov. 1. News release.