LIN Media TV stations cleaned off Dish

Unable to reach agreement for a new retransmission consent deal, LIN Media  removed--or Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) blacked out--television stations owned, operated or serviced by LIN in 17 markets ranging from Albuquerque to Toledo.

LIN's news release said that Dish "discontinued carriage" despite the fact that "we only want what is fair for our local stations." Dish, in its own news release, said LIN "pulled its stations down ... holding viewers in 17 markets across the nation hostage while attempting to coerce Dish Network to submit to outrageous demands."

And the rhetoric gets better. Dish accused Lin of "simply being greedy" and said it was "pleased" that the FCC is looking into the retransmission consent system because that "system is broken."

For more:
- see this news release
- and this Dish Network news release

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