Lookee! Boxee launches Cloudee online video-sharing service

Online video TV company Boxee has expanded its horizons into the cloud by launching Cloudee, a new service designed to let users store, access and share their private videos with friends and family.

Boxee hopes that the thing that will differentiate Cloudee from the rest of the cloud storage applications--aside from its name--is the fact that it is private sharing. The service is launching with a private, invite-only Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPhone app that lets users upload videos, put them in a file and then choose family or friends to view them via the mobile app, a web browser or, of course, a Boxee Box.

At least one observer, TechCrunch, is of the opinion that the cloud app shows where Boxee is headed--away from software for PCs and connected devices like their own box and towards the amorphous cloud.

"Boxee Box clearly sees an opportunity for private video sharing in a market that isn't very well developed," TechCrunch said, noting that sharing personal videos "could also open the door for other cloud services from the startup."

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