"Me Too" TV: EPGs, pay-per-view, VOD

OpenTV's general manager Ren Xiaoyan cautioned companies considering a move into IPTV, saying that the service cannot be "Me Too" television, which he said included: "Electronic programming guides and digital music comprising services like broadcast TV on-demand, program packages, pay-per-view, channel favorites, parental controls, multiple service providers and T-commerce." Xiaoyan suggested enhanced programming that included "video mosaics, different camera angles, selection, live information, program enhancements, content, promotion and lifestyle portals" synchronized with the broadcast stream would provide a richer viewing experience. Of course, live TV, DVR and remote record, unified voicemail, email, games and other quadruple-play features would also distinguish an IPTV offering from a cable package.

For more on Xiaoyan's advice to IPTV service providers:
- see this article in indiantelevision.com

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