Microsoft, Alcatel scaling up SBC's IPTV solution

In a move aimed at dispelling media reports of their IPTV solution's scalability, Microsoft and Alcatel have spread the news in whispers that SBC's IPTV solution will soon enable hundreds of thousands of viewers to use the service simultaneously. A few months ago, Microsoft's IPTV middleware required one server per 10 subscribers, but now one server can handle thousands of subscribers. However, it won't be until mid-2008 that SBC's FTTN (fiber-to-the-node) projects reach its target of 17 million households and its FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) projects reach an additional 1 million greenfield residents.

The PR buzz is an attempt to squelch the aftermath of Swisscom's announcement in late May that its IPTV launch of Bluewin TV, set for the second half of 2005, would be delayed. Microsoft and Alcatel, of course, are Swisscom's partners in the same way that they are working to deploy SBC's IPTV service.

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