Music Choice says yes to; Ad Systems goes public

> Music Choice is using software from a Norwegian company, to drive its new interactive music video network SWRV. Already rolled out on Cox Communications' systems in New England and Virginia, SWRV--which offers interactive TV shows and lets viewers submit content, vote for videos and take control of programming blocks--is expected to be available to millions of subscribers throughout the U.S. in the near future. The Bondsian-named is providing its Dynamic Scheduler tool to schedule content based on voting results and handling user-submitted text and images. Story.

> Canadian cable companies are fighting back at the telcos who have stepped in to steal their customers, and, according to a report by Convergence Consulting Group, they'll succeed at winning about 22 percent of the national wireless market by the end of 2014. Story.

> Cable TV ad insertion services company Ad Systems Communications has gone public through a reverse merger with NanoAsia Ltd. of China. The company had been operating privately for several years with technology that lets small cable operators insert locally sold ads into broadcasts. Story.

> Atlantis Technology has taken steps to eliminate the upfront equipment cost for GOTV (Global Online TV) subscribers to increase the target marketing area and potentially add more subscribers. News release.

> The Masters in 3D, as last weekend's golf love fest from Augusta, Ga., is becoming known, has led to some questions about whether telcos are behind in the 3D game or whether the 3D game is too far ahead of everybody. Story.